A Fine Day - [ Intermezzo #1 ]

By 4:05:00 AM

Exhausted by work, personal affairs, even to the problem of congestion of the capital. Sometimes taking off at the weekend by hanging out in a coffee shop or mall cant let go of our fatigue after five days work.

Going to a quiet place to release saturation is indeed the right choice. But sometimes we havent enough time to go to the place with a different atmosphere.

On that fine Friday, we go into a world that brings us back to our childhood. No load, and free to play. Well, still in the capital city anyway, some Indonesian people even already familiar with this forgings.

DUFAN [ Dunia Fantasi ] of the world that brings us into a fantasy world that is so much fun. Laughing, shouting, or even afraid of something fun. This is the right place to go.

-           Dufan. Nov, 3rd 2017 -

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  1. Surabaya is not as crowded as Jakarta and I'm so glad I live here. Pernah suatu hari ada kerjaan dan harus ke jakarta mendadak. Belum ada sehari di sana udah pengen segera pulang. Capek di jalan. I'm glad you found time to take a break and have a fun activity :)

    Rizuna from www.rizunaswon.com