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Its to long time not blogging anymore, so missing u all anyway guys.. FYI, I just finished my study for bachelor degree of philosophy politic yeay !
At this time, I wanna share to you all about “SAISAI”. Saisai is my squad in campus, was born in January 3rd, 2014. Oke, directly I want to introduce ourself to you all guys !

Here we go, from leftmost is me LUCKY ahaha, the second one is UYUN from Madura, on center is ERIN from Sidoarjo, further is BELLA from Surabaya and the last one is IMRON from BALI.
Yas, we are from different hometown. But we has a same hobby, mission and passion. That’s make we are can burn as one ~

These photoshoot we do for the last SAISAI album of collage student. Because after these we will reach our dream in different places. #sosad 

But np, because will see a bright futures and meet again in a good place. Anyway, for there photoshoot our theme is WHITE ON DENIM. We choose that theme is because denim and white has representation our young soul, simple and energic. And for personal outfit is suit by individual character.  

So guys, here our photoshoot, check this out!

So, what do you thing about our photoshoot ?
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Photo by RED Photograph 

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