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Holla Fellas!

Holiday just over, is time to faced our routine such ; work, traffic jam, multistoried building and other urbane smells. Talk about holiday the sound is sweatest than rainbow candy like we never tired to taste it. So, today I want to share to you all about my holiday last year. I choose BANYUWANGI as my destination for the last 2016 holiday. here i been visit 3 best spot in banyuwangi #bymyversion *hahaha*, so here we go !

 1. Boom Beach

my feel when u leave me alone *lol

“A Beatiful morning start from beatiful sunrise”

The first destination I have been visit is “Boom Beach”. Im arrive here on 05:43am. This beach is located in the village of Mandar, center of Banyuwangi. With typical black sandy beach make Boom beach look very exotic. Most of the visitors are from the society of Banyuwangi itself. U can enjoying the beach in pendestrian line or riding horse as well as ATV along beach line.

The scenary of  Boom beach isnt only from east or from sunrise direction, from opposite direction also theres beautiful scenary,  ijen mountain view displayed like a beautiful painting on the west, from north to the south.  Ijen mountain scenary can clearly seen from the sailboat harbour near the gate. This beach isnt only consisted by beautiful scenary, but also there are some people who sell any sovenir, snack, food ect.

ijen mountain scenary

2. Ijen Crater

my 78 squad
 After tired playing around beach, the second spot i have been visit in banyuwangi is Ijen Crater. Ijen Crater is the biggest crater lake in Java, in here im and my squad overnight to hike ijen mountain at middle night to see the blue fire on ijen crater.

during hiking the ijen mountain
In order to reach the famous lake, you must first climb to the top and then descend into the crater. The way from the ticket office to the top takes about 3 km, the altitude difference is 500 m. If you do not hurry up, the road is rather simple. It’s steeper at the beginning and almost flat after a cafe halfway.

Way to ijen crater *p.s. im taking this picture when im going back

a strong man ever

Ijen Volcano Crater is one of the most attractive and dangerous places in the world. Active volcano, constantly spewing sulfur smoke clubs, the worlds largest acid lake Kawah Ijen, incredible in its beauty blue fire and extremely hard working conditions in the sulfur mine. We went down into the crater to see everything with our own eyes.

blue fire *sorry for blurry pict T.T

The Ijen volcanic complex consists of several stratovolcanoes and cinder cones   and a 20 km wide caldera. Ijen caldera is the largest in Java. The size of the crater is about 960 m x 600 m. The primary dangers at Ijen are pyroclastic flows, lahars, and lava flows. But tourists are interested in the acidic crater lake shore which is a natural large deposits of sulfur

3. Baluran National Park 

Before im going back to my home, im make us of for visit Baluran National Park. In here im not taking a much time to expore this place, so i cant to discribe more huhuhu *sosad*. But np, when i have change to come here again im promise i will tell u much more about this place *smile*

So, what do you thing about my very first travel jounal ?
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  1. The beach and volcano views are amazing! I'm not familiar with this area so it's great to read your point of view. I already want to travel again!

    Looks by Lau

  2. Cool vacation! I fell went to visit Banyuwangi

  3. Wonderful post!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  4. I always want to go to Kawah Ijen! I have seen sooo many beautiful pictures on Instagram but still have no chance to go there, you're soooo lucky just as your name! Btw, fotonya keren banget Luck! :)


  5. It looks amazing there! The scenery is stunning!


  6. ternyata di banyuwangi tersimpan panorama yang sangat indah, (sory kalo kagak pake bahasa asing, kagak mudeng euy). salam satu jiwa

  7. wahhh pengenn kesana ..

    jadi nambah ngenes liat foto" nya :)

    main ke blog saya http://ctdhacking.blogspot.com