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Chingguya anyyeong… !

A few week ago im so obsessed with ombre hair, im imagine how happy im when I have purple-black hair like unicorn. and bingo !!! at the same time I got invitation from PROCUT Salon and Barbershop  to change my hair color whatever like I dreamed before.
And you know guys, im not think twice for it. Im quicky make appointment for determine when them dolled up my hair like unicorn.
Brevity, d-day is come. Im so excited, cant wait to see the result. but, the result isnt like I dreamed before, my hair getting orange. I dunno why its not works to me. a moment im shock of it, and want to change my hair collor again as soon as possible.

But for now on im think twice
“ if I change my hair color again, my hair getting dammage ”.

So, I suggest my self
“hair with orange color its so cool for u, lucky”

and taraaa !!! its my look with a new hair. Altough I got hair not like im dreaming before, but im still like a reborn

For the outfit, I do a monocrhome.
 Its represent my feel for now on. Because I believe a monocrome color is never going wrong for all situation. Same with my new hair color ahahahaha
I wore white koko shirt to make me look casual, black jogger pants and sneaker to make me look sporty at the same time. And not forget I bring my black Fendy monster karlito edition to make me look cute also lol, ( btw im a big fans of a cute goods anw)
So guys, what do u think about my look ? don’t forget to give me critic and suggestion for my outfit with comment below J im so appreciation of that.

Oh ya, FYI guys. Servicing in PROCUT Salon and Barbershop  its so GOOD ! owner so kind, and the place very comfy. So, if  u do a hair treatment with a long time, im guaranteeing u will not go bored. ( I say like it, isnt because I hv invitation for free. But, is a fact )
Its so much recommended for u all who stay in Surabaya.
Although, for the first impression isnt like my expectation. I will go back to PROCUT Salon and Barbershop to change my hair color for sure.


PROCUT Salon and Barbershop
Jl. Manyar Tirtoyoso 37 East Surabaya
Open everyday

Gorgeous hair by Procut salon and babershop (IG: @Procutsalon) • Shirth by Roepi • Bracelet by Denim works and Noir Charm  (IG: @noircharm) • Jogger Pants by Iwearzule • Bagpack by Fendy • Sneakers by Adidas

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  1. Thanks dear friend :D

    I'm just in love with this bag :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  2. Eh, I like your hairstyle Lucky! You look younger and fresh! Also, you can do more unique items on your wardrobe with this hair colour right? Oh, by the way, one of Procut owner is friend of mine also and you're right, he's so kind ya! :)

    Have a nice day,


  3. Great look! I'm in love with the backpack! I love your hair colour too!! :D


  4. Love your new hair color! bagus warnanya pastel gitu <3

    Take care,
    Rizuna from A Well-dressed Nerd

  5. Your hair so funny, but i dont like your hair style... not like a man :D :v

  6. woow, its look great, but please resize your picture , its too small. kereen abiss

  7. Super love with your new hair color; it's refreshing! Nice look tho~


  8. he look is absolutely sweet, edgy, stylish and chic. Yasss, and everything points to the beautiful unicorn. hahah!!

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